Forced to Strip at Job Interview

I have already done many scenarios where you see office workers put up with far more than they should at work because they fear losing a job. This video takes a look at that on the front end – just what are people willing to do just for the chance to get a job in this economy. I think having all three of them interviewed at once makes it more interesting. Here, you can see where competition can spur all of them to do something that they may not have done alone. What better way to contrast oneself against other candidates than by being the first one to fall in line, as it were.

Another fun thing here is that none of them know what questions are coming next – George just had a great deal of fun with it. One wonders just how much their answers are real or how much they are just playing along to stay in the running. They certainly had me convinced many of those answers were genuine.

Again, enjoy – here are some pictures (for the video which can be found through here🙂