The Reporter – Phoenix’s Strip Search Pat Down

I just realized that it has been about three whole months since I have released a strip search pat down video. So I suppose it is about time that I did. I do still have plenty that have been done that are not yet out. What is exciting about most of those is that they include elements that have been asked about here before (in comments). So finally, without much further ado, here they were. What you will see here that was requested is a lot of digging around in pockets to find contraband – and there is plenty of stuff to find, though perhaps none of it is truly contraband (lucky for the lady strip searched!)

It is funny that I did not think of looking much in pockets myself. I could claim it was because women never seem to have any pockets in their clothes, but that really isn’t true, since I tend to forget that – what use are clothes with no pockets! But once clued into this, it does make for some interesting shots. Digging deeply into one’s pockets, particularly when those pockets are in tight jeans, requires something akin to groping in its own right, beyond the groping that one can call a pat down. It also gives some interesting possibilities for what might be found therein. That gives me some more ideas for the future, now that I think about it. Just in case what I am thinking is not what YOU are thinking, feel free to offer suggestions. After all, as this video shows, suggestions DO get incorporated into videos, even if it does sometimes take a while for them to show up live.

So now, without any MORE ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Mia Introduces Meredith to BDSM

Ever since Mia first dominated as the Bitch Boss from Hell Meredith was curious about the whole bondage and domination scene. She had never done any of that before and seemed to naturally take to the submissive role when Mia went all out Dom on her as the Bitch Boss. So of course, I was curious if she wanted to explore that theme further; she did. When Mia came back and shot with Meredith again the stage was set. In addition to the other videos we did, Mia agreed to give a little intro to BDSM to Meredith. This is that video.

This video is obviously very different from the rest in that it was not contrived in any way – this is Mia being Mia and Meredith being Meredith. (This is not unlike the videos with Pepper and Ashly where Pepper introduces Ashley to lesbian sex and where she also introduces her to forced bondage orgasms). I just set up the cameras and watched with interest as Mia literally showed Meredith the ropes. Mia is a firm, yet also gentle Dom, telling Meredith what she needs to know while gently pushing her to show her her limits and what it is all about.

What results is a lovely video that shows a true intimate moment between them. And after the bondage lesson is over, they snuggle together (Meredith still naked) while Mia explains more and Meredith asks questions, wide-eyed and curious. There was so much back and forth like that it was difficult to give it justice in the video description. It reads more like a transcript than anything else, though I could not put everything in there (nor would I really want to – it is more fun to just watch it and see how it unfolds).

So sit back, and enjoy. Here are some images (which of course cannot do justice to a video like this) and the video, as always, is through here:

Sleeping Mia Stripped and Bound Naked to the Bed

Mia looks particularly lovely completely naked with her arms and legs tied to a bed. Of course, Mia looks lovely in any pose or position and in any state of dress. She also looks ripe for tickling, but alas, could not be here (well, except for a little bit…)

I think Mia and Meredith have good chemistry together. They are an interesting pair to match up, given their differing statures, and Mia’s particular brand of domineering (over women at least) personality. That is what makes all of the videos with both of them together particularly fun to watch. Speaking of their chemistry, there is a bonus update in the works that will showcase that rather beautifully. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here🙂

Office Trouble – Skirts Up, Panties Down

As should be apparent by now, I’ve always found something particularly sexy about a conservative looking, yet still relatively short skirt covering up thigh high stockings and panties. So it is fun to see just how that combination looks on various lovely ladies. In this case, as is generally true, they all look ravishingly hot.

The look goes up another notch when those panties come down (and off). And of course, there is always the big question – what if you did this in an office environment and someone caught you. It is actually pretty amazing just how well a dark skirt can cover up the lack of panties – you really can’t see very much up a dark skirt, if anything at all. That is, under normal circumstances. If said lady is off balance and her legs come apart while sitting in a bucket-like seat, then all bets are off (or at least, all panties off are apparent). In this video, Summer gets a good, long look and so will you if you see it. Of course, her reaction is a bit different than most – which just makes it more enjoyable.

Getting back to the original theme of this post (and this video) there is also something to be said about partial nudity – particularly where one is almost fully dressed and yet the most interesting parts are exposed for all to see. I’ve heard it said that such exposure actually is more acute than being naked in some ways. Perhaps it acts to emphasize those parts that are uncovered. That would seem to make the most sense. In any case, it is a lovely view.

Now, without further ado, here are some images (from the video which can be direct linked through here):

Forced to Strip at Job Interview

I have already done many scenarios where you see office workers put up with far more than they should at work because they fear losing a job. This video takes a look at that on the front end – just what are people willing to do just for the chance to get a job in this economy. I think having all three of them interviewed at once makes it more interesting. Here, you can see where competition can spur all of them to do something that they may not have done alone. What better way to contrast oneself against other candidates than by being the first one to fall in line, as it were.

Another fun thing here is that none of them know what questions are coming next – George just had a great deal of fun with it. One wonders just how much their answers are real or how much they are just playing along to stay in the running. They certainly had me convinced many of those answers were genuine.

Again, enjoy – here are some pictures (for the video which can be found through here🙂