Robbed of their Stash, Stripped Naked, and Cuffed

Rocker Doll does a decent job of acting like someone who is strung out… though on exactly what, it is not specified. Not that it really matters. It is fun to watch her little tics and scratches as she tries to get what she wants. She has done so many of these videos she has a nice little rhythm to it.

In shooting this, they were shouting so loud about the gun, and not having it pointed at them, one could almost wonder if anyone would overhear and send in the police. They certainly got really into it in shooting this. The end was a bit of situational humor – I wonder just how people feel about that. If such a situation like this really occurred, of course, such problems could really happen. It is almost better to already be naked if it comes to pass that you are handcuffed to someone who then needs to use the bathroom. Though come to think of it, it might be interesting to see how that is handled with fully clothed people cuffed together who then have to figure out how to get pants and panties down in time. Though I must admit, beyond that, I don’t have much interest in the whole bathroom side of things. Seems rather messy to me. So thankfully, none of that is really happening here on screen.

As always, I am open to suggestions and criticism. Fire away!

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Cyberstalker forces Officeworker to Lose her Panties

This was a fun video to shoot. I even considered putting in actual screenshots of the messages coming in, but ultimately decided it would be more interesting to listen to Meredith repeat the messages or simply react to them, and so for some of them, you are guessing as to what the messages actually are until you see how she reacts or what she actually does. I considered putting in a spoiler warning for anyone who wants to watch without knowing just how far the mysterious instant messenger person will try and take her, but ultimately decided against it.

As an aside, it is interesting to note how hard it can be to do a proper upskirt shot or angle because so often (particularly with black skirts) and the desk itself, it makes it so dark you can hardly see anything. Here, the lighting is actually pretty good (and the white panties help as well) so you can actually really see everything that is going on. While sometimes leaving a little to the imagination can be fun (at least initially) I ultimately like to really show what is going on as much as possible because to me, that is what makes my videos different from more mainstream fare that deals with forced stripping or clothes loss, where it is all implied.

So sit back and enjoy – I think this is one of my favorite videos now – with all of the elements in it that come together nicely, including a very lovely performance by Meredith.

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Another Office Intern – Part 2

Here is the second and final part of both Amadaea T’s and Dilettante’s debut film. As I stated before, Amadea is just fantastic as a menacing boss. And Dilettante is just so sweet as she loses her panties and tries to hide her nakedness.

The logistics of Rocker Doll and Dilettante stripping Amadea T naked was a little chaotic as they both went into it with such gusto. They very quickly decided who would get which of her clothes. And of course, Dilettante ends up with her shoes. They don’t quite fit, and neither do the pants, but it sure beats being naked and barefoot. Rocker Doll apparently doesn’t seem to mind that in the end, while she has a shirt, she is still pantless and pantiless, so naked below the waist. Fortunately, the shirt is also big on her so her bare as is barely covered.

As I stated in the commentary on the first part, it is always fun to see how a first shoot goes, and particularly, a first video, with new models. This is both. And both of these models will be seen in more videos in the months ahead. I think they get better and better as they go. And that is after a very good start! So sit back and enjoy the tail end of this debut video.

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Another Office Intern – Part 1

Not just one, but two new lovely models are in this clip (and as you may guess, this won’t be the last you see of either of them). It is always fun and interesting to shoot with a model for the first time. One never quite knows how it is going to go. And then, as time goes by and you shoot more with a model, you see new and interesting things and I think all of them just get better and better at it. But here, watch the lovely Dilettante and Amadea T in their first shoot with me. Both are lovely and both bring something new and interesting. Amadea makes a particularly imposing boss!

And stay tuned for next week’s exciting conclusion, to see just who ends up naked, and who ends up not, in the end.

As always, suggestions (and comments) are welcome. Enjoy! Images here (for the video which can be direct linked through here🙂

The Reporter – Mia’s Strip Search Pat Down

As it may be apparent by now, every model gets a chance to be a reporter… some more than once. It is always fun to do and there are lots of interesting angles. One question I do wonder about is, in addition to if there are models anyone would like to see go through this sort of search (with some variations of course, because I don’t want to just do the same thing with the same model) – and I do want to know about that – I also wonder if there are favorite models to do the searching.

In any case, this is particularly interesting to watch because Meredith is so short while Mia is so tall – Meredith could almost just climb Mia like a mountain (and I’m sure she would enjoy doing so!) There is just so much of Mia to explore. I must admit she has a particularly lovely ass and I think she is the most perfectly proportioned tall woman I have ever seen. Fortunately, there is more of her to see in the months ahead.

Also coming up soon are some new faces and some new and interesting storylines with faces new and old. I do realize that it would be nice to have a change of scenery, and that will be upcoming as well.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):