Interview for the Sheik – Stephanie

Here we have the last of Alexandria Von Strutter’s glorious interviews for the ever present (but never seen) Sheik. As with the first two, she tries to shock with unexpected and rather extreme questions. These were shot in the order they were released, and each model saw the previous interviews, so Alex kept upping the ante with what she asked. Stephanie plays it pretty cool, but she definitely was thrown for a loop by many of the questions where she had to pause and think about it before giving what one would hope is the obvious answer (especially when the questions involve, say, shoving a peeled banana up your ass).

I was going to release this soon after the other two, but then kept bumping it back as I wanted to get so many other videos released too and so the queue got pretty full. But now is the perfect time, after a flurry of releases to get out all three parts of the lovely Mia Vallis being stripped and interrogated in the shower. This is a nice change of pace. As I indicated in the previous post, this coming year is going to be an exciting one. Stay tuned!

Here are a few images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):

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