Meredith Caught Naked in the Bathtub at Knifepoint

Mia is doing here what Mia does best, and that is dominate. And Meredith meekly goes along (as she knows what is good for her). As I look at this, I also realize Meredith is quite lucky to be so short – she can fully stretch out and enjoy just about any bathtub or hot tub. Mia does not have that same luxury. Perhaps that is why she is so hard on Meredith as she relaxes in the bath…

Here are some lovely images from this clip (which can be direct linked through here):

Mia’s Clothes Stolen While in the Shower

Mia goes all out in this one, really taking a full shower, doing everything she does when showering, including washing and even conditioning her hair. She also pays special attention to washing her pussy, in part due to it being so recently pierced with a clit piercing that required some extra tender loving care.

And after the shower was over, Mia was genuinely cold, wet, and miserable to be naked, and it shows in her face. It was not a warm room and she was literally dripping wet all over the floor with each step.

Now, everyone I shoot with is a beauty, but there is something about Mia’s amazonian form and her perfectly proportioned ass that is just a wonder to behold. Watching her strut about naked and glistening wet was a truly wonderful experience – an experience everyone can now share.

As always, feel free to offer suggestions. I find more and more that I use at least several (or more) suggestions every shoot I do now. I have quite a few videos in the pipleline, which is a wonderful luxury with such a frequent update schedule. 2014 is going to be a wonderful year. I have already shot with at least two new models that have yet to be seen here and I have at least a half dozen more scheduled to shoot soon. And, of course, there will be plenty of old favorites as well. Stay tuned!

Without further ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

The Reporter – Merediths Strip Search Pat Down

Here’s another lovely entry into the ever popular reporter series. This time it is Meredith’s turn for an obnoxiously groping and unnecessary strip search pat down. While she does not say it, it would appear that Meredith may have almost liked to feel Kayla’s hands running up her and down her body. Watch how her hips move and you’ll see what I mean. And if you watch closely, it appears that Kayla takes the opportunity to get a little more intimate with her groping a few times. So perhaps it was Kayla who was really getting the enjoyment here.

In any case, sit back and enjoy. There will be more of these, of course, and even some new and interesting variations on this theme in the future – but that is some ways off at this point. As always, suggestions are encouraged. A few were incorporated into this one. Many more will be seen in the weeks ahead…

Here are some images (for the video which can be direct linked through here):

Spy Caught in her Panties

It is lovely to see so much green and warmth now, contrasting so starkly with the landscape currently outside in the true dead of winter. So sit back and enjoy looking at a landscape far warmer and more welcoming. And that is before you factor in the lovely nearly naked (and eventually totally naked) women.

There is something sexy about a woman outfitted in killer gear, such as twin pistols on her hips. This is made even more sexy when that woman is just wearing hot, skimpy panties and a flak vest. She can look so good that way you almost don’t need or want to see those last little protections peeled off. But peeled off they are.

So enjoy this little homage to warmer days. As always, feel free to offer suggestions. Given the lag time between when I get them, when I shoot, and when I finally release new videos, it may not seem like they come to pass, but they do (and some already have). And then if you want something faster, ask me about customs.

Here are some images:

Interview for the Sheik – Stephanie

Here we have the last of Alexandria Von Strutter’s glorious interviews for the ever present (but never seen) Sheik. As with the first two, she tries to shock with unexpected and rather extreme questions. These were shot in the order they were released, and each model saw the previous interviews, so Alex kept upping the ante with what she asked. Stephanie plays it pretty cool, but she definitely was thrown for a loop by many of the questions where she had to pause and think about it before giving what one would hope is the obvious answer (especially when the questions involve, say, shoving a peeled banana up your ass).

I was going to release this soon after the other two, but then kept bumping it back as I wanted to get so many other videos released too and so the queue got pretty full. But now is the perfect time, after a flurry of releases to get out all three parts of the lovely Mia Vallis being stripped and interrogated in the shower. This is a nice change of pace. As I indicated in the previous post, this coming year is going to be an exciting one. Stay tuned!

Here are a few images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):