Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 2

As noted in part one, this is part of a three part, epic video. I won’t repeat my entry there but to note that there is a lot of great angles and shots across all three of these videos.

This video, part 2, is where the interrogation moves from Meredith caressing Mia with her eyes to Meredith caressing Mia with the blade of her knife. She goes over every nook and cranny and it was a delight to watch. For those who love feet, she paid extra special attention to both of Mia’s feet in turn. And of course, Mia’s breasts, nipples, and pussy also were not left wanting. Well, perhaps they were left wanting more.

It is interesting to watch not only Mia’s expressions, but to watch Gypsy’s as well as she watches Meredith’s slow caressing of Mia with the knife. Enjoy!

After this is the third and final part, where it is time to get wet…

In the meanwhile, here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):