Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 1

This scene ended up being the longest one I’ve done thus far, at about 37 minutes of total length between all three parts. They are about divided equally in terms of length. I did see if I could make a full version that included all three parts in one video file, but while I of course could make the file, it was far too big for upload, so that did not work. I could make a smaller file but the quality level drop made it not worth it. I know I, for one, like to see my embarrassed naked females in as much high detail as possible.

Now, I suppose I could try trimming down the length of all three parts to make for three shorter videos, or perhaps just make a combined shorter video, but then that would deprive everyone of the lovely footage created in this video, and there is plenty of it. I got all sorts of great shots from many great angles for every part of this video. One could say that with an over six foot tall amazon like Mia Vallis, you need to shoot extra video just to capture every inch of her considerable (and awesomely beautiful) body.

This, the first part, obviously starts out with some action in the woods, with a bit of a shoot out before Mia is finally taken captive. She looks quite good with those twin Berettas strapped to her hips. She could make an awesome blonde raider of tombs. Meredith is looking as sweet as ever as she takes Mia from behind with her little gun. She does this in at least one other video with a different victim, but that is for another day.

There was something particularly erotic in watching Gypsy stripping Mia naked in this video. I am sure everyone will enjoy that. The handcuffs are also quite nice – the shower bar was just perfect for that. And the effect on Mia as she struggles, with her hands up behind her neck is just lovely.

You could say this video is all about taking in the view once Mia is naked and helpless, as Meredith does for a good bit toward the end. The next part finds Meredith getting up close and personal with Mia. As part of the celebration of the holidays, I am going to try and get all three of these updates in between now and New Year’s Eve or so, making there be an extra update and also an early update.

For now, here are some lovely images from part one (which can be direct linked through here):