The Year in Review – 2013

Well, as 2013 rolls to a close today, I thought it would be a good time to look back on the year. While I did do many shoots last year and my studio did officially open last year as well, it was really at the end of the year, mid-December 2012, and so really almost all of my releases (and all of the posts from this blog) were this year, 2013. So I really look upon this year as my first year with this endeavor. And what a year it has been!

I have done many shoots this year, sometimes more than I thought I could do in a month. Rest assured, there is a mountain of content that I am eager to release well into 2014. But I will not rest on that. I already have my first shoot of the new year scheduled and there will be many more to come. Expect to see plenty of familiar faces (and bare asses…) but also there will be lots of new faces (and asses…) to delight both you and me.

Keep those suggestions coming! I have already used plenty of suggestions supplied by you, loyal readers and watchers, and I will be using plenty more as I shoot in the year ahead. I am always happy to find inspiration wherever I can find it. Sometimes all it takes is a short, simple suggestion to open up whole new avenues of ideas for things that I hadn’t considered (sometimes even where I think, damn, why didn’t I think of that already!)

So finally, as I look back on the year 2013, I want to thank everyone who has provided feedback, explicit or implied, and wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2014 bring us all joy – as well as lots of embarrassed naked females. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite images from the year:

Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 3

At long last (as if it was that long a wait) here is the third and final part of this epic series. As mentioned in the video description, watch for Mia’s reaction each time the water stream hits her pussy. She definitely had some trouble holding it in there because being bound with Gypsy aiming the stream right at her recently pierced clit, she felt every little pulse and gurgle of that water stream and she repeatedly got quite close to cumming. It is fun to watch her expressions of surprised pleasure and then frustration as the stream moves achingly toward, and then even more achingly away from her pussy. Watch Gypsy’s face as well.

And then there is the joy of seeing Mia’s lovely body spread out naked and bound, and dripping wet. She looks fantastic with the water running over her. She looks fantastic with it dripping off of her.

Then, for the final segment, when she is in the spotlight, so to speak, and she turns and pushes her ass out toward it as she struggles to escape, the light ends up giving a momentary oh-so-perfect illumination of her ass and her pussy from behind that is art-gallery worthy, in my humble opinion. Not my shot so much as just how lovely she looks.

So now, without further ado, here are some images from this last part of the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 2

As noted in part one, this is part of a three part, epic video. I won’t repeat my entry there but to note that there is a lot of great angles and shots across all three of these videos.

This video, part 2, is where the interrogation moves from Meredith caressing Mia with her eyes to Meredith caressing Mia with the blade of her knife. She goes over every nook and cranny and it was a delight to watch. For those who love feet, she paid extra special attention to both of Mia’s feet in turn. And of course, Mia’s breasts, nipples, and pussy also were not left wanting. Well, perhaps they were left wanting more.

It is interesting to watch not only Mia’s expressions, but to watch Gypsy’s as well as she watches Meredith’s slow caressing of Mia with the knife. Enjoy!

After this is the third and final part, where it is time to get wet…

In the meanwhile, here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 1

This scene ended up being the longest one I’ve done thus far, at about 37 minutes of total length between all three parts. They are about divided equally in terms of length. I did see if I could make a full version that included all three parts in one video file, but while I of course could make the file, it was far too big for upload, so that did not work. I could make a smaller file but the quality level drop made it not worth it. I know I, for one, like to see my embarrassed naked females in as much high detail as possible.

Now, I suppose I could try trimming down the length of all three parts to make for three shorter videos, or perhaps just make a combined shorter video, but then that would deprive everyone of the lovely footage created in this video, and there is plenty of it. I got all sorts of great shots from many great angles for every part of this video. One could say that with an over six foot tall amazon like Mia Vallis, you need to shoot extra video just to capture every inch of her considerable (and awesomely beautiful) body.

This, the first part, obviously starts out with some action in the woods, with a bit of a shoot out before Mia is finally taken captive. She looks quite good with those twin Berettas strapped to her hips. She could make an awesome blonde raider of tombs. Meredith is looking as sweet as ever as she takes Mia from behind with her little gun. She does this in at least one other video with a different victim, but that is for another day.

There was something particularly erotic in watching Gypsy stripping Mia naked in this video. I am sure everyone will enjoy that. The handcuffs are also quite nice – the shower bar was just perfect for that. And the effect on Mia as she struggles, with her hands up behind her neck is just lovely.

You could say this video is all about taking in the view once Mia is naked and helpless, as Meredith does for a good bit toward the end. The next part finds Meredith getting up close and personal with Mia. As part of the celebration of the holidays, I am going to try and get all three of these updates in between now and New Year’s Eve or so, making there be an extra update and also an early update.

For now, here are some lovely images from part one (which can be direct linked through here):

The Reporter – Ellies Strip Search Pat Down

Here’s yet another installment of the strip search pat down series. As I said before, there will be more of these coming. And I am going to start doing some more variations on this to go along with suggestions I’ve gotten here. It just takes some things a while to get through the pipeline. Though sometimes I jump things ahead. As always, I like to hear suggestions (and I do use them!)

Images here (and video can direct link through here):

Dakota Charms Teasing, Ruined Ballbusting Handjob from Hell

This clips is definitely a departure compared to those before it for many reasons. First, the obvious. There’s a male getting stripped this time. And he’s not only stripped, he’s bound, teased, denied, given a ruined orgasm, then he’s nailed repeatedly in the balls for the “pleasure of it”.

But then, there is the not as obvious – I didn’t shoot this one (though I did edit it). I did provide the scenario and some inspiration, but Dakota Charms was kind enough to take care of the rest. It is good when she’s kind. Because she REALLY enjoys kicking, punching, and otherwise hurting men’s testicles.

What makes this video particularly interesting is that the guy in the video is NOT a guy who particularly likes having his balls busted. In fact, he was so worried about it that it took him an extra long time before Dakota could make him ejaculate. In fact had to cut that down a bit to keep the video from being too long. Though as an aside, one thing I don’t like is where you see a guy being stimulated in a video, then suddenly it cuts to right before he cums. I’d rather see what specifically led up to that, so all of that is there. That, to me, is the interesting part.

Now, back to the ballbusting. Because this guy really isn’t into having his balls busted, the plan was more of a simulated ballbusting, where Dakota kicks him in the ass, right below his balls, very fast, so it looks like he is being nailed hard in the balls. But the guy at one point said, go ahead, and Dakota being Dakota, she took that to mean, “go ahead and nail me right in the balls, I can take it” so she did. Repeatedly. That is the only kicks you will see in the video. She nails him good, right in the testicles, over and over in rapid succession. And he wasn’t expecting it nor does he like it – he screams. And it really tops off the video. That part of it only had to be edited so you didn’t hear his rather too late explanation to Dakota that he just meant he was ready to start and just how much pain he is in – as they then had to have a little “break”… oh, how I love Dakota. There’s nothing quite like seeing a woman who truly gets off on ballbusting go at it full-bore.

So enjoy this new (and unusual) update – (which can be direct linked through here):

Rich Bitch Gets Stripped

With the widening gap between rich and poor in this country, and around the world, this video represents the first chapter in my political manifesto. Just kidding. Still, it does give one a good and current storyline to use for an excuse to see someone taken down a peg (and stripped naked) who may have it coming.

Mia Vallis does an excellent job of playing the part of a rich bitch, complete with disdain for the “little people” and many references to designer labels and clothes I had never heard of. She plays it to the hilt, making anyone who sees her performance quite eager to see her Rich Bitch persona get what’s coming to her.

Meredith does a good job herself in explaining to Mia just what it is she (as a Rich Bitch) just doesn’t get about people who are less fortunate than her. She also strips her with relish, enjoying messing with her, touching the clothes (and especially the shoes) like she is contaminating them. It is a lovely scene.

One may also get some enjoyment out of seeing Mia stripped naked after seeing her in full dom mode in her first released video, Bitch Boss From Hell. While this is not a sequel to that video, one can guess that Meredith liked being able to turn the tables. There will be more of that to come.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Model Showcase: Tiffany Ray

Tiffany had no real prior acting experience, no improve experience, or anything like that to go on before she shot with me. She may yet have none. But what she did have was a willingness to just go for it and get into it.

Enthusiasm counts for a lot. What I also appreciated was her punctuality. It may perhaps surprise some to know that many models are not what you would call punctual. Some allowance can be made for those that have a long drive, but even then, one would hope that a person would plan accordingly. Tiffany had a long drive before every shoot and yet she was not only on time, she was a bit early every time. She said she always does that. Little things like that are very appreciated. There is nothing worse than waiting around for stragglers to show up when you have a shoot planned for a particular time. I appreciated Tiffany’s punctuality greatly – enough that it still stands out to me even now.

Tiffany was also quite good even when she was in a rather uncomfortable position, like when she was handcuffed with her hands above her head for the Real Estate Robbery Revenge clip. She had to be in that position for longer than the clip would indicate and she never complained.

So between her punctuality, her stoicism, and her ability to just dive right in, even when she really did not know anything about acting was really appreciated by me. Her clips include some of my favorites, including one of my early favorites, the Real Estate Robbery.

As always, feel free to comment, including whether you’d like to see more of her (or of any of the models in a model showcase).

Here are her clips (which can be found directly through here):

Office Intern – Part One

Office Intern – Part Two

Real Estate Robber

Real Estate Robber Revenge

Triple Stuck – WMV

Stephanies Clothes Stolen While in the Shower

Quadruple Hot Tub Clothing Theft

Ellie Clothes Stolen at the Hot Tub

Office Bet – Lost Panties and Skirts

Undercover Cops – Stripped and Cuffed

Swimsuits United and Stolen While Sleeping

Clothes Stolen While Naked in the Sauna

Here are some images…

Real Estate Rivalry – Clothes Stolen While In the Bath

This was one of the earlier videos where there is someone running around naked, trying not to be seen (and thus embarrassed). Ideally, one would have a seemingly public location, but anywhere not one’s home can work for that.

Images here (and video direct linked through here):

Office Pact Gone Wrong

Here one gets to see the possible reaction one might have to the sort of antics one sees in my videos. Of course, it goes over the top, but one wonders just what those lower on the totem pole think of their office mates, especially as income inequality mounts. That will also be a theme in a new update coming very soon…

Images here (video can be direct linked through here):