Boss Bitch From Hell – Dominates and Humiliates – Part 2

As should be apparent from the description of the video, each time Gypsy and Meredith leave Mia’s office and come back, Mia ups the ante. As I said in part 1, I had no idea exactly where Mia was going with it, and neither did Gypsy or Meredith. Though she did finally tip her hand for the final office visit. Unfortunately, what she said she was going to have them do they weren’t willing to do – not surprising, given just how extreme it was. But she still pushed them a little further than before and it makes for an extremely hot scene.

While I have plenty of scenarios yet to shoot and I always like coming up with new ones (or using great scenarios suggested here) there is something fun about being just a voyeur, watching to see what unfolds, not knowing where it is going. It made Mia (and other models as creative and talented) quite fun to work with. You will be seeing more of her soon (in every sense of the word…)

Here are some lovely images from this video, which can be direct linked through here:

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