Bitch Boss From Hell – Dominates and Humiliates – Part 1

Sometimes models require a lot of direction, sometimes very little but the basic outline of a plot. And then there is Mia Vallis who, when it comes to being a domineering bitch in a scene, is in a class by herself. I barely had to say anything to her at all and she just took it from there. I was as surprised by what happened in the scene as the other two models, Gypsy and Meredith, were. Mia was a ruthless bitch and it made for a very good video. You’d never guess that Mia herself is mostly submissive, perhaps because she only submits to men. Women, on the other hand, watch out!

This video is therefore a joy to watch not just for the scene itself, but to watch for the genuine reactions from Gypsy and Meredith, who had no idea what to expect and who had never done any videos with Mia before where Mia was in control. And Mia makes for quite the dom, standing over six feet tall, pure amazon hotness and oozing sexuality.

Of course, turnabout is fair play, so Mia gets her own domination in other videos. But not here, not even close. So enjoy – the final part, part 2, is next.

Here are some images from the video, which can be direct linked through here:

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