Snooping Spy’s Revenge – Stephanie Kidnapped

I have said it before that it is always more fun to see the motivation for revenge before then seeing the revenge itself, because then you feel that extra verisimilitude. You wonder if even beyond the scene, if the model wants some measure of revenge for what was done to her.

Now here, much of what was done before was off screen – at least the worst of it – but it was still there in the scene and the dialog and it hangs heavy in the dialog of this scene. Meredith truly looks like she wants some payback for what was done to her before. And even better, Stephanie looks very much like she is worried, even scared, of what lies in store for her.

I have to say that the looks between them, the dialog, and the pure oozing menace in this video and the one before it are truly delightful – they did a wonderful job and there is an evil sort of chemistry between them. This is definitely something I will have to explore with them further.

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):