Clothes Stolen While in the Bathtub

Sometimes simple is best. Like a shower scene, a bathtub scene is also something some may think about while in the shower or bath, as that is a time when we are particularly vulnerable. Standing there naked, wet, and with soap in one’s eyes and the sound of running water, one can neither see nor hear the approach of danger. And when that danger is mischievous friends who like to take your clothes, one could get almost paranoid about it.

On the shooting side, it is fun to get interesting angles in the bath or just to see naked relaxation that you know is going to turn to desperation once the missing clothes are discovered. I should probably shoot more shower and tub scenes, though the downside is that then you have a model who is wet and that could slow down other shooting that day. Then again, if they all get wet… well, that’s another story.

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

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