Snooping Spy – Stripped and Interrogated

If you like a little action with your stripping, this is a real treat. It takes real physical acting to pull off anything resembling a decent action sequence, and Stephanie and Meredith both do quite well. They also had a blast doing it.

The trickiest part was the part where, while Stephanie is disarming Meredith, Meredith grabs Stephanie’s gun, pushes her to the ground and runs. That could have resulted in bruises and a not very convincing set of moves, but incredibly, they pulled it off perfectly in the very first take. I was going to put in some stills from that part of it but there were already plenty and to really do it justice you want to see it in the video in motion. I am definitely going to have to do some more action sequences after this one, as it certainly livens things up.

Feedback, as always, is appreciated. I’m particularly curious to hear any regarding this one given its rather ambitious blend of story, action, a shootout, and then a kick ass capture and interrogation where Meredith looks genuinely terrified as to what she is in for. Enjoy.

Here are images from the video (which can be directly linked through here🙂

3 thoughts on “Snooping Spy – Stripped and Interrogated”

  1. Really like the darker implications during this one, both girls do really well in their roles, it would be cool see more action themed stuff.
    Might be cool in another one to have things get a bit catfight-y so both lose some amount of clothing before one gets the upper hand.

    1. The action was fun. And there is more action themed stuff coming, along with more dark implications. I like your cat fight idea as well, that is something I will also have to do.

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