Clothes Stolen While in the Bathtub

Sometimes simple is best. Like a shower scene, a bathtub scene is also something some may think about while in the shower or bath, as that is a time when we are particularly vulnerable. Standing there naked, wet, and with soap in one’s eyes and the sound of running water, one can neither see nor hear the approach of danger. And when that danger is mischievous friends who like to take your clothes, one could get almost paranoid about it.

On the shooting side, it is fun to get interesting angles in the bath or just to see naked relaxation that you know is going to turn to desperation once the missing clothes are discovered. I should probably shoot more shower and tub scenes, though the downside is that then you have a model who is wet and that could slow down other shooting that day. Then again, if they all get wet… well, that’s another story.

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Snooping Spy – Stripped and Interrogated

If you like a little action with your stripping, this is a real treat. It takes real physical acting to pull off anything resembling a decent action sequence, and Stephanie and Meredith both do quite well. They also had a blast doing it.

The trickiest part was the part where, while Stephanie is disarming Meredith, Meredith grabs Stephanie’s gun, pushes her to the ground and runs. That could have resulted in bruises and a not very convincing set of moves, but incredibly, they pulled it off perfectly in the very first take. I was going to put in some stills from that part of it but there were already plenty and to really do it justice you want to see it in the video in motion. I am definitely going to have to do some more action sequences after this one, as it certainly livens things up.

Feedback, as always, is appreciated. I’m particularly curious to hear any regarding this one given its rather ambitious blend of story, action, a shootout, and then a kick ass capture and interrogation where Meredith looks genuinely terrified as to what she is in for. Enjoy.

Here are images from the video (which can be directly linked through here🙂

Double Stuck – Take Three

There is something to be said for simplicity. There is a simple purity to my “Stuck” videos, abstract though they may seem, in that it does not really matter exactly how the poor women get stuck, it just matters that they are and that someone decides to take advantage of the situation with a little de-pantsing. I also like that the clothes don’t really come off, they just get pulled to the ankles, where they are still there, and so close… and yet totally useless for covering up the vital bits – namely, bare ass and genitals. They also act as a sort of bondage of their own, as they limit movement (not that it matters so much when you are stuck).

Another fun thing about these videos is the opportunity for some interesting angles and a thorough visual enjoyment of the predicament. With this video in particular I got some very interesting angles and shots (which are only hinted at in the preview pics). As an aside, the conversation between Stephanie and Meredith is interesting as well as they discuss their situation.

So lay back and enjoy. Images are here and the video can be direct linked through here.

The Reporter – Gypsy’s Strip Search Pat Down

As promised, here is a return to the Reporter series with a strip search pat down of Gypsy wearing tight leather pants. Let it not be said that I don’t take suggestions to heart. I actually never thought much about using leather clothes before it was suggested, but when I found these pants and saw how they looked worn by various models, I must say, I liked how they looked. Of course, they look even better having those pants slowly peeled down, revealing panties… and then having those panties rolled down is of course the best.

There is little pretense here, it is really just getting Gypsy to where she is going to be stripped, searched, patted down, and humiliated, as the pat down is more naked groping than anything else. But then, that is what this particular series is all about.

The angles, from behind, from the side, from below, are all here, of course. They are what make this sort of strip search special and interesting to watch. And of course, having done it with some models, perhaps I should do it with more… stay tuned.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):