Door-to-Door Revenge

Alexandria once again brings the crazy back… or rather, Stephanie does, when she brings Alex back for this sequel. This one was particularly fun to shoot because of the three clothed girls using the naked Alex as target practice. They came up with an interesting scoring method. Also interesting to me was Stephanie referring to Alex’s pussy as a “cooch,” a term I am not sure I had heard before then.

While the targeting is just with spitballs, I did briefly consider whether different items should be used for that. But as it turned out, the spitballs, though small, showed up quite well. And the girls’ aim was very good. One of them stuck right near a nipple. Another I think stuck near her belly button. And Stephanie, I believe, nailed Alex right in her pussy.

As an aside, it is lovely that the room had over the door the apparatus that is just perfect for handcuffing hands above the head. I have used it a few times before, but this time was even more fun with the target practice.

Also worth mentioning, as I usually do, is that this is another revenge scenario where the motivation was a prior video. So the motivation is there for all to see.

Now, without further ado, are some stills from the video (video linked through here):

3 thoughts on “Door-to-Door Revenge”

  1. I bought this film on clips4sale yesterday. It stuck out for me, because of the main actress (Alexandria Von Strutter), her black dress, the undressing (I’m not a tattoo-guy, so that’s a plus) and because proper handcuffs were used. It’s amazing how many producers use handcuffs you can get for five bucks on ebay – not a good item to save money on imho.

    Having watched it, I liked the acting especially Alexandria’s. The cuts to show the scene from different angles are very good. They keep the picture “alive”. 720p is ok; 1080p would be great to make the picture sharper. The plot is definitely a bit on the loony side, but I enjoyed it.

    I might buy the other Door-to-door clip in the future. Clips4sale isn’t very cheap, though. We’ll see.

    1. I very much appreciate the feedback, particularly detailed feedback like this. Yes, I used real handcuffs. And they were not that expensive to get (you can get anything through Amazon if you look hard enough). I have gotten a lot of mileage out of the handcuffs I have gotten, in fact – I have 5 sets.

      Speaking of money, I do appreciate that buying clips singly tends to be more than when you get, say, a membership to a site that has lots of updates. But on the other hand, if you had any idea what my production costs were, particularly where you have a model from out of town and four models total, you would wonder if I were crazy to produce them given the low (actually very negative) returns of most all of them. And I probably am. But I decided I was just going to shoot what interested me, try to make it good, and not worry about even breaking even for a long time. In fact, at this rate, I doubt I’ll even come close. But that’s my problem, not yours. 🙂 And just because something was expensive to make does not mean it is worth buying at a given price, so I do my best to try to keep things affordable.

      I also now have a nicer camera than I did starting out, so hopefully things will be sharper, though there are also issues with the editor and file size that keep things from getting too large in that regard. Still, I too like it as sharp as possible.

      I am also not big on tattoos, I like a clean slate as it were, but many, if not most, models that shoot this sort of thing have at least some, so it is just something one has to live with. Generally, a lovely naked lady looks lovely even with tattoos. Those that have too many or don’t otherwise look good I just don’t shoot with.

      Again, thanks for the feedback. I get very little given the amount produced, so I always appreciate it.

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