Model Showcase: Rose Lorali

Rose is a very lovely girl who was very new to modeling when I shot with her. She had never done any video at all. In fact, she may never do video again, as she really prefers to do stills. It is not hard to understand that, in that the still pictures I’ve seen her in, even the more candid ones, she looks very lovely. Her pale white, perfect skin and her often-red hair (which goes well with her name) make for some truly beautiful images.

For not having done video before, she does a decent job acting in these. It was perhaps helped by the fact that, never having done video before, I think she was nervous about it. So she gives a good, natural performance.

For the short shots outside (from the end of the hot tub series), she was nervous as well, though even more so, she was freezing, as it was very cold and she was already not feeling well. I was quite impressed that she did it without complaint, other than to note after she was cold.

It should be noted that when she came to shoot, she had just gotten sick and was not feeling the greatest. There are many models who would have just bailed because of that, or given a half-hearted effort. But not Rose. She dove in with both feet and still came, despite many travel issues and despite not feeling the best. For that, I have always been very appreciative, especially because of what the shoot led to.

This shoot really led to the successful launch of my site. I had shot some stuff before, but was not quite sure where I was going with it (having just started with shooting at all). My shoot with Rose (and Aiya) in the hot tub place, followed up with More Office Trouble and the Stuck clips, really set the tone going forward. I had thought I would shoot mostly with solo models doing POV shoots stealing clothes and what not. That was how “Jogger Robbed of her Clothes” was shot, my first video. But with Rose here and Aiya becoming available, at the last minute, I decided to shoot everything with both of them in it. It makes for a much more interesting dynamic that way. And as can clearly be seen from the videos since then, with only one exception I can think of, they all involve at least two, and more often three, four, or even five models. Now, that makes for an expensive shoot, for sure. But that is another issue entirely (and one I won’t get into now). Suffice it to say that I don’t think I would have the site I have today were it not for the shoot with Rose (and Aiya) and so this shoot, especially “Hot Tub Clothing Theft”, is what I think of when I think back on opening my site.

In closing, I just want to say that I really enjoyed working with Rose and would again, though I likely won’t, since she does not really do video. Then again, that makes these all that more precious, as they may be the only videos she ever makes. In any case, she is still doing still modeling and doing quite well at it. Given her look and especially her drive and attitude, she will likely be very successful at it.

Rose is in the following videos (which can be directly linked through here):


Double Stuck

Hot Tub Clothing Theft

Sauna Clothing Theft – Rose’s Hot Tub Revenge

Double Hot Tub Clothing Theft

More Office Trouble – Part 1

More Office Trouble – Part 2

Door-to-Door Revenge

Alexandria once again brings the crazy back… or rather, Stephanie does, when she brings Alex back for this sequel. This one was particularly fun to shoot because of the three clothed girls using the naked Alex as target practice. They came up with an interesting scoring method. Also interesting to me was Stephanie referring to Alex’s pussy as a “cooch,” a term I am not sure I had heard before then.

While the targeting is just with spitballs, I did briefly consider whether different items should be used for that. But as it turned out, the spitballs, though small, showed up quite well. And the girls’ aim was very good. One of them stuck right near a nipple. Another I think stuck near her belly button. And Stephanie, I believe, nailed Alex right in her pussy.

As an aside, it is lovely that the room had over the door the apparatus that is just perfect for handcuffing hands above the head. I have used it a few times before, but this time was even more fun with the target practice.

Also worth mentioning, as I usually do, is that this is another revenge scenario where the motivation was a prior video. So the motivation is there for all to see.

Now, without further ado, are some stills from the video (video linked through here):

Office Trouble – Full

I had forgotten that I had never put up a post about this particular video. So now that oversight has been remedied.

In my mind, this is an old classic, in that this was the very first office scenario I ever filmed. Sara Cole (also known as Lena Cole) does the crazy well – she reminds me of Alexandria Von Strutter in her ability to crank it up to “11” so to speak.

The scenario itself is one that I repeated and expanded upon. Also there is the absurdity of the clothes being gone – down the incinerator, as it is. Also nice is to see is where one model takes another’s clothes to clothe herself. A more interesting scenario would be this outside, perhaps with an escaped prisoner, which has been suggested to me (and I think I have seen one of those out there).

As with all of the office scenarios, a desk in a room has sufficed for an office. One of these days it would be nice to have a full office suite to play with for filming. Alas, I do not have one. I have looked into renting one, but finding one that is both reasonable to rent and also will afford enough of a privacy window to shoot without trouble is a challenge.

As always, I am looking for feedback. I will also do custom videos if you want to spend the cash to do so. I will still keep and release the videos here, but you will of course get your own copy and you will be able to see your scenario brought to life relatively quickly. While I try to also do videos by suggestion, there is no guarantee when those will be produced and then when they will be released. A custom I will try to do ASAP and get to you immediately upon completion.

Finally, a little preview – I am going to start doing additional posts here more often on things other than just the latest video. One series I am going to start is one on each model I have worked with. So stay tuned…

Here are some stills from Office Trouble (which can be found through here):

Door-to-Door Crazy

This video was inspired in part by my personal dislike (putting it mildly) for door-to-door salespeople. Not that it isn’t a sucky job. You really seldom see them in my area now, but you see the equivalent–kids claiming to sell something for some school or sport related thing. Sometimes I wonder if they are even legitimate, not that it matters. I never buy anything. I think you have to have a little bit of crazy in you to manage to knock on thousands of people’s doors and try to intrude into their living rooms and sell them something. Which brings us to Alexandria in this video.

As should be apparent from the Interview with the Sheik videos, Alexandria Von Strutter is very good at taking something and running with it. In this, she makes a very convincing crazy woman. If she had real, loaded guns I would have been very nervous standing near her with just how well she does the crazy in this video. I think she intimidated the other models a little as well, which is good for the scene.

It is always so wonderful when a model can surprise you and just chew up the scenery with real acting. All of them do a decent enough job, and even those who aren’t as committed to it as Alexandria have their wonderful moments where it really clicks, but it is still a joy to see it done so fully and effortlessly. Some models worry about the acting portion of doing video, having only done still image modeling. I must say, all of them manage to do a decent job at it.

And now, enough chatter – here are some images from the video (which can be found through here):