Interview for the Sheik – Sara

Having warmed up with the first interview, Alexandria comes up with even more probing and embarrassing questions to ask Sara. Sara answers them all, of course, but watch for the sometimes shocked expression on her face after hearing some of the questions.

I must say, having worked with many models now, that all of them have done a decent job of “acting” as it were, for these videos, but some of them have a special gift for it. Alexandria is one of those special ones. She did a wonderful job as the interviewer here, and as you will eventually see, she did a great job with some other scenarios as well. Stay tuned for that.

This brings me to a more general thought when it comes to acting for these videos. Given the nature of my process, it generally isn’t possible for me to do an acting audition with a model before shooting with her. Which is fine, since all of them have done ok in that area. But sometimes, for certain scenarios, you really need a particular set of acting skills, and there’s no way to know in advance what a models skill will be unless (as has been the case for a few) the model has other videos up that I can actually see. Otherwise, I need to shoot with a model once (or sometimes more) before I really get an idea as to what they can do. That in turn allows me to plan to “cast” a given shoot accordingly. So in that sense, every first shoot with a model is an audition of sorts. It makes it much easier to plan where there is a known quantity (not only with acting style, but also with whether the model will be reliable and show up… that could be a whole different post.)

That said, another part of the planning process is feedback. I am genuinely curious to know what you, my audience, think of the videos, what you like and don’t like, and what you would like to see more of. I read every comment (not like it is hard to keep up) and have used the suggestions therein. For example, there was a request for a pat down with leather pants. Well, guess what is coming soon?

So if you would like to see something in particular, see more of a particular model, see more of a particular scenario, or just make general suggestions, please comment. You can comment anonymously, as many do. Now, sit back and enjoy the show.

Here are a few images from this video (which can be accessed through here):

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