Sleepy Head

I like the simplicity and sensuality of this clip. Ashley did not really have to act sleepy, as she had just had her first lesbian experience and had cum so many times she already was pretty exhausted. But the orgasms don’t stop there, of course.

There really is great chemistry between Pepper and Ashley, making this fun and sexy to watch.

As you can probably guess based on looking at this clip and the earlier clips with Pepper and Ashley, I have had this clip floating around for a while. I had been waiting for the right time to release it. The stars have apparently aligned and so the right time is now.

There is also something peaceful about watching beautiful naked women snuggling together. You can almost imagine how soft and warm it would feel to snuggle naked between them. Now there is a good cure for insomnia… particularly if they take care of you first.

Here are some images (video can be seen through here):

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