Aiya Tied and Forced to Cum

There really isn’t much one can add to the description of this video. If you have seen the previous video where Aiya forced SJRose to cum over and over while she was tied up, you know Sara’s motivation in this video.

As I’ve said before, it is always delicious to see the motivation on camera, even from a previous video. Sara was quite eager to give as good as she got. Did she? Can such a thing even be measured? Only one way to find out. Take a look. You be the judge.

Here are some stills (video can be seen through here):

One thought on “Aiya Tied and Forced to Cum”

  1. I would love to see a video similar to this one, except instead of multiple orgasms, the model is teased endlessly. Starting with a slow, sensual tease and after about ten minutes of that, moving to direct stimulation and repeatedly stopping just before orgasm. I want to see the girl begging to come, until she’s going out of her mind with need.

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