SJRose Tied and Forced to Cum

As one might imagine, this was hot to film. Though in the actual filming of it, one needs to pay attention to filming, so you don’t really realize just how hot it is until you watch it later. Not that I couldn’t tell on the spot.

Sara was particularly hot to get into Aiya’s panties. Or in this case, have Aiya get into her pussy. It is clear just how much she enjoyed herself. The voice you hear in the background at the end is her boyfriend commenting on just how many times he saw her cum.

Sometimes one comes up with an idea and films it, like with the many forced stripping videos I make. Those are fun, of course, and I always have more to make of those. But sometimes you don’t so much film as document. This is a document.

As should be easy to guess, there is the little matter of Sara’s revenge. That will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, video can be seen through here) and here are some images: