SJRose Tied and Forced to Cum

As one might imagine, this was hot to film. Though in the actual filming of it, one needs to pay attention to filming, so you don’t really realize just how hot it is until you watch it later. Not that I couldn’t tell on the spot.

Sara was particularly hot to get into Aiya’s panties. Or in this case, have Aiya get into her pussy. It is clear just how much she enjoyed herself. The voice you hear in the background at the end is her boyfriend commenting on just how many times he saw her cum.

Sometimes one comes up with an idea and films it, like with the many forced stripping videos I make. Those are fun, of course, and I always have more to make of those. But sometimes you don’t so much film as document. This is a document.

As should be easy to guess, there is the little matter of Sara’s revenge. That will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, video can be seen through here) and here are some images:

Office Trouble Redux – Sexual Harrassment Policy

There’s nothing quite like the disconnect of explaining to someone why they shouldn’t do something while, at the same time, you are doing it to them. In some contexts, it is simple hypocrisy. In others, it is more ironic. In this case, I would tend to place it more in the ironic category. Ironic, but smoking hot.

Clearly, every single one of the office stripping scenarios in my videos falls squarely into the “sexual harrassment” category if they were done in reality. Of course, that’s the fun thing with fantasy, you cand be somewhat ridiculous, or at least, you can suspend disbelief, just to allow yourself to enjoy watching. This is not intended to make fun of sexual harrassment itself – obviously that is real and bad when it actually happens. Knowing it is real and can be bad, though, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the farcical video now and again.

While there was a little bit of groping in Double Stuck Redux, here, it obviously goes beyond that. Aiya gropes Sara, puts her hand into her panties, and then makes out with her while Sara does some groping (and slips her hand inside Aiya’a panties) in return. For the Aiya lovers out there, this is obviously the most hands-on she’s been thus far. It makes one wonder what else could be on the horizon.

Here are some lovely images to enjoy video can be seen through here):

Aiya Savors the taste of Sara…

Office Slave – Part 3

As I have stated before, videos are more interesting when the motivations of the characters are apparent from watching the story. This is particularly so where the motivation is revenge. And there is a revenge of sorts in this video.

What makes the revenge in this video particularly sweet, is it is not just story driven – it is real. Ashly really wanted to get Pepper after what Pepper did to her in the previous video (shot right before this). Pepper got her to safeword out after making Ashly cum so many times. So now Ashly wanted to do the same to Pepper. Of course, Pepper takes it and wants more… but like most things in life, it isn’t the destination, it is the journey.

Pepper is certainly given a run for her money. I wonder if it was a matter of pride, because she really starts thrashing around and pulling hard at those bonds by the end. She obviously was feeling it, quite intensely. I would be curious to know if Pepper has an orgasm breaking point… but it was certainly fun to see Ashly try to bring her there.

Here are some stills, though really, you can’t appreciate this sort of video any other way but by seeing (and hearing) it video can be seen through here):